The Rant Thread!


Ice, snow, trees down, roads blocked, electricity out,... been there, done that, I'd rather have the skeeters and hot summers of the south!

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Some of the tutors in this place are f’in twats. Every time I use a computer room I have to pick up and dispose of used alcohol wipes. Not only are the students using them and not disposing of them even tutors are doing the same ! Not nice, lazy bastards ! They have to walk past the eff’in bin to get out too !!!


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Proraso Red Aftershave Reformulation!! :cursing:

Just got a new bottle today. A noticeable difference in colour from the old stuff to the new.
Time will tell if this has been watered down as it looks that way.



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Not cool, if that if that proves to be the case.

The picture doesn't really show how much different they look in real life.
I know reformulation usually means worse but their super formula soaps are considerably better than the old.
Anyway, I shouldn't really moan on £8.99 a bottle but the old red stuff is a nice splash, smells great & lasts a good while. I just felt like a rant! :D