The One Soap One Month Challenge!


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I have been using my DG Darkfall for well over a week now and am loving it, it is quite a soft soap and I can't see it lasting anywhere near as long as a tub of OSP would but I don't care so much because it's one of the best soaps I've used for a while both in terms of performance and scent. :) P.


Forum GOD!
Winter is here and I've been patiently waiting over a year with a new MWF bowl and puck to be added to my small 5 soap rotation but the day has finally arrived. I haven't used MWF in over 5 years and want to quickly master its trickery again, so what better than to shave with it for the entire month of December. I only shave 3-4 times a week, 2 pass shaves, so I expect this new puck will look quite similar by the end of the month.

Day 1. Placed a 1/2cm of warm soft water in the MWF bowl and softly placed the soap puck in the water to soak the puck base. lifted the puck a couple of times over the course of 2 hours to let the water in, before pressing down hard on puck to permanently set it in place. Emptied the excess water and then put a tablespoon of soft water on top of the soap puck to begin softening this rock-hard triple milled soap and put the lid back on. Repeated with another tablespoon of water a hour later and left to soak in once again.

Shave 1. soaked up a boar brush, shook out most of water and started loading. Did not expect a good lather on its first lap and true to form, it wasn't so I will spare the details since I expect it to greatly improve as the week progresses and it further ferments in the residue moisture left in the soap bowl.

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