The Mini was launched...


Nope, I wouldn't want to be a kid these days.

Wish they would make 'em exactly like they were again, and ship 'em all over the world. (or make 'em all over the world)

Crush all the new crap, starting with the newest, biggest and heaviest.

Northam Saint

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I’m not as old as the Mini. Have to agree with TobyC, I wouldn’t want to be a kid these days too. Enjoyed my late teen days, pubs and friend, but would‘t want that now for sure. Car wise again I have to agree, everything has gotten so much bigger. Take the Mini and Fiat 500 now, even in the smallest variations they are huge. As for the remake of the Beetle that was just horrible.

The Mini in its self was a classic. I had a Cooper, red with white strips, tuned to Stage One, a legal de-cat. I use to go on runs with it, London Brighton was great. Also did the meets, Beaulieu was a great one, huge field full of Mini’s, the fun was finding your own. But for today’s roads and safety wise it’s not the best option.


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I have had three classic minis, First was a 1965 970 Cooper S. This was a car produced to race in the under 1000cc class and it was a quick road car. I changed the wheel one day and the jack went straight through the body without the wheels coming an inch off the ground, father insisted I sold it using phrases like death trap and body must be made of cardboard.

I then bought a hill climb car which was a Cooper with a Morris 1100 engine complete withlow final gearing that had been intened for use with the larger 1100 wheels which produced, rapid acceleration but top speed of about 70 with the engine screaming, sold it after a summer. In 1992 I had a Mini Cooper 1.3i, brilliant car but constant electic charging problems, even from new a less than helpful garage said I had to stop doing runs of less than 10 miles, which was awkward as work was only 3 miles away.


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This thread is bringing back memories of my youth (misspent or otherwise). I can remember in the latter 1960s driving my Mum’s Mini from Johannesburg to Mbabane, Swaziland (now Eswatini) and from Johannesburg to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo), Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique). On one occasion my Mum and I drove around Kruger National Park in it; definitely not the type of vehicle you want to be in if you meet a bull elephant, but it was agile and manoeuvred well. I must say that inspite of its diminutive size it was quite robust and driven with care it handled the barely paved roads in Swaziland and PEA and the dirt roads in Kruger well. Also, it held a surprising amount of gear and it was relatively easy to fix most problems. A great little car and a far cry from its modern abomination. I can say the same thing about the 1958 Fiat 500 my Mum owned prior to the Mini even though the Mini was far better.

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I love the mini. My dad had the Clubman estate with wood panels down the side. My brother a John Cooper Special.

Such an iconic British car. I have decided should I ever come into money. I'm going to do this with my mates: