The Milder Blade


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Just ordered 200 more Treet Platinums. Only have 95 left.... $19.99
also 100 Gillette Nacets for $11.00
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Yes, it is possible to turn out sloppy on certain occasions!
You know those office parties in evening when all the top brass is looking around and critically scrutinizing one and all.
Lay it down to the two horse town I am in; there is actually a true story where one guy relaxing after a round at Golf just tossed it in air referring to a sensitive business development from which it was just not possible to emerge without taking a bullet 'that guy, oh well... I am bit skeptical that he is capable of delivering but we will still do our bit as best as we can under given circumstances".
The King's provocateur did his bit too and the commenting guy was asked to put in his paper with 'we believe that you have lost confidence in our ability to steer this vertical and business. it is better we part ways, here is your pink slip'.
Really crazy stuff happens in small towns.


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The Voskhod is hands down the mildest blade you can ever try.

I loaded once in my R41 and needed 6 pass to get clear. Dragging a lot and pulling the hair.


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My cents. For me it's more like a how each blade fit to each razor. Sometimes it's sharpness, sometimes something else. With AS-D2 I liked to pair Kai, Racer, 7 OC black/blue and astra SS