The home audio thread: what’s your setup


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These days its just a pair of Beyers plugged into the laptop playing FLAC's via Foobar... I guess Its like the mechanic who drives a beaten up old wreck or the builder who lives in a run down house :laugh:

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Here's a few old favourites, some I still have... Though I'm not 100% sure where :o_o:

Man that is some great kit right there. The Marantz 1060 and the Thorens turntable, a TD 150 mk2 if I'm not mistaken. Very nice! :)

I repair Hifi gear as a hobby though I have not done much lately. I have a few amps on the shelves for repairs, a Cambridge audio A1 Mk3, a Denon, can't see what model it is from here and a Rotel RA-971. The later will replace my Rotel RA-930AX in my set up.

Sorry for the poor photos, but this is my set up.




Amp - Rotel RA-930AX
Speakers - Philips vintage 3 ways 1970's / which a customer gave me when I worked in the Netherlands, came with a busted tweeter which I fixed with replacements. they sound fantastic and seem to handle everything I throw at them.
CD player - Sony CDP-XE570 nothing special but very reliable.
Tape Deck - Pioneer CT-339 waiting for me to replace the drive bands
Tunner - Rotel RT-950BX great piece of kit but these develop a common fault which is easy to repair so can be had very cheaply, which is why I have two of them.

PC, Iphone and MP3 player can be played through the system via a switched aux.


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Living room:
  • 2x SONOS Play:1
  • 1x SONOS Sub
  • 1x SONOS Playbar
  • 2x SONOS Play:5
  • 1x Google Home Mini
Master bedroom:
  • 2x SONOS Play:1
  • 1x SONOS Play:5
Son's bedroom (4):
  • 1x SONOS Play:5
Daughter's bedroom (1):
  • 1x SONOS Play:1
Attic / Shave room:
  • 1x JBL Alien set
Both connected to a Yahama MG-12 mixer together with my 2 drumsets + bassguitar​


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I build all my own audio units using directly heated tubes like 01A, 26, 10Y, 4P1L with massive power and filament supplies, all choke loaded. I use a modular construction based on 2U subframe parts. Here's a couple of working but unfinished units showing the general idea. Most of my designs can be found on my good friend Ale Moglia's website.



Front Room: 2 x Sonos Play One; Sonos Play Base;
Study: 1 x Sonos Play One
Kitchen: 2 x Sonos Play Three
Sonos Connect
2x Outdoor speakers linked in
Wife singing in the shower


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The inbuilt speakers of our Sony Bravia 32'' LCD TV - bought last decade as a graduation present to myself - for, well, television. Then an Amazon Echo for music and a Roberts Revival DAB radio for, well, radio. I also have a pair of Bose QC35 headphones, if they count...

I’m starting to think that we need to take it a bit more seriously! Perhaps when we redecorate the living room we’ll replace the TV and put in a half-decent sound system.

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Panasonic TX 58EX700B TV
Sky Q
Toshiba DVD
Sony STR -DB 930 Amp
Acoustic Energy Aegis Two Floor Standing x4
Acoustic Energy Center Speaker
Eltax Sub

Crossley Portable Turntable (need a proper one)

Amp and speakers are a few years old but I like them. All my music is on Mac Air which I connect up 3.5 to phono. I’ll get a turntable sometime and get the vinyl going.
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I have a 7-year-old Onkyo HTIB that I bought just before Circuit City closed. It is dolby 7.1 and has served me well (I'm no audiophile). It is great for movies and playing Xbox.


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We have a few set ups in the house. Nothing fancy but gets the job done satisfactorily.

Main Living Room:

Marantz SR 7000 Receiver
Paradigm Titans for main speakers
Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus
Dayton Audio SAT-BK for rear surround speakers
Cambridge Soundworks Bass Cube 15 subwoofer
Samsung 52" LCD TV

Man Cave:

Harman Kardon AVR 1610S Receiver
Klipsch Surround System: Reference R-820F Floor standing speakers
R-52C Center Channel
R-14S Rear Surround speakers
R-120SW Subwoofer
Rega Planar 1 Turntable
Rega Fono Mini A2D Preamp
Samsung 65" 4K Ultra LED Smart TV

Son's Bedroom:

Harman Kardon HK3770 Stereo Receiver
Silverline Audio Minuet speakers
Polk PSW10 Subwoofer

The stereo in my son's room is on loan as it used to be in the basement before we built it out and turned it into the man cave. I think I like that set up the best for purely listening to music. The man cave set up is real nice for movies, video games and works for listening to albums. I think the albums would sound better on the stereo setup in my son's room but then I wouldn't be able to listen to albums when he's doing homework. The setup in our living room is old. All the speakers used to be Cambridge Soundworks The Surround system with matching fronts, rears, center and sub. The fronts got blown out as did the rears. So the center channel and sub survive and work nicely with the Paradigms and Dayton Audio rears. If I were to take the parts from all three to create the best system for listening to music I'd probably go with the Marantz SR7000 receiver, Silverline Audio speakers paired with the Cambridge Soundworks Bass Cube sub and the Rega Planar 1 turntable. I might even pair the Silveriness with the Paradigms in tandem for a 4 front speaker system. Now that would be something to hear. It's nice to be able to listen to music or watch anything regardless of what someone else wants to do. No fighting over what to listen to or watch.


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Current installation

Still with the Naim CD5X + Flatcap power supply + AVI Lab Series Pro amp + Roksan Ojan 3X. Awaiting delivery of the Google ChromeCast Audio as recommended by the gentlemen of this forum.

Slowly building my daughter's system via prudent buys on eBay. So far I only have a pair of mint Mission 760 and she may get her own ChromeCast as there's no point buying a CD player for anyone under 40!


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Just replaced an internal fuse on one of the Monoblocs.
Will get the set up together over the next few days, unfortunately the G/F hates it
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So the current setup is LG 5.1 surround sound, which has bluetooth.

The claim to fame in my modern letdown of a system (although there's really no going back from 5.1 after you experience it) is that my turntable connects via bluetooth automatically and turns the speakers on. Friggin brilliant.

My PERSONAL claim to fame was building my own speaker cabinets for when I dabbled as a disc jockey.



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I just blew a final in my Db 9595 Sansui. Its been with me since 1986. Now Im listening to nothing.