The Gem Micromatic OC - Misjudged.


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Initially when I used this Razor I was rather cautious as it has quite a fearsome reputation. I learnt to treat it with respect and got pretty good Shaves with it without any mishaps, and used it or one of the more recent ones in my regular Vintage SE rotations.

For some reason I had not used it for a while, as I had become a bit into modern AC/SE and rotations with them were rather long. However, I have just had two Shaves with it, and found that my technique had improved so much that both Shaves were exceptional. I think that my touch has lightened a lot and I slow my strokes down a lot, I find that this allows me to clear my Cheeks and Neck very well even working ATG. Finishing off around the Upper Lip/ Chin I really take my time with very short strokes allowing me to get both those areas clear. I am rather pleased to say that both Shaves were of the Face stroking variety, and there was no post Shave soreness or irritation.

If you have been put off by the reputation of the MicroMatic, you will be surprised at just how good it is. You can always try the Clog Pruf or Bullet Tips as an alternative but IMHO the original is hard to beat.