The ENOCH Razor


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for some reason I just noticed that Tapatalk removed ATG... I noticed a question on weight. I will get that for you ASAP. I will check tomorrow.

Shipping is what it is. I hear you guys and I agree shipping is a complete PITA. If anyone here needs to bitch and moan about shipping it would be me i spend thousands and thousands every month on shipping... LET ME BE CLEAR I am not pulling some BS here on the shipping rules. Why should I subsidize foreign shipping and give you a better price (make less) than I would selling to my fellow countrymen???? Buy a soap or something else to get it over $100 if that is the issue. It seems that many here should read Atlas Shrugged, it is honestly VERY HARD to deal with the THAT's NOT RIGHT people of the world that are ever present holding their hands out expecting something for nothing...

I most likely don't have the patience to reside here that the entitled class will demand and/or expect. Its a shame...



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As an update on the Enoch we are expecting our first batch of razors to arrive the 27-29th... I will let you know when they do.


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I am also considering ordering this. The 15% off from the OREN order earlier this month is a plus. Indeed, if you add a shave cream or so then the total bill goes just above $100 therefore $7.50 for international postage applies. Razor looks like a 'new' Cobra with Asylum elements, I would expect it to be medium aggressive in character.

@TGN May I ask what the weight of the razor is, Luke?
The razor with box will be around 5.0 ounces to 5.5. Each blade pack is about 1 ounce.

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They ship via US Mail who have upped their rates.
Picking this back up, yeah I understand the extortionate rates that US mail charge, but I can't get my head around it costing less in postage to post a more expensive package. If the $7.50 postage for greater than $100 still applied after the discount was applied CS would have sold a boat load. But with the postage jumping back up to $27 and negating the discount code, what is the point? Such a shame for CS that they kind work something out.. How does Maggards manage it?


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looking forward to this one. The Occam’s & OREN razors have been very good performers, for me at least. I see no reason to believe that the Enoch will not perform as the other two mentioned previously. It’s on...