Pass Around Tatara badger brush

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SOTD: 290319

SOTD 270319.jpeg

Soap: S.V. Cosmo
Razor: Timor 150 6/8 Sheffield Blue Steel
Brush: Tatara 24mm Finest (On Loan)
Post: S.V. Cosmo
EDT: Essenza
I have used this brush on five occasions now and I must confess it gets better and better. I am really impressed with the flow through and soap retention on this little brush.
It paints and scrubs perfectly with great backbone. I moaned about the scritch in my previous review and I do believe as with all reviews one should sometimes take them with a pinch of salt. I think initial thoughts are paramount but perhaps its not the end result.
It may be a case of "Look before you leap!" where I am concerned.

The brush has settled down. In my opinion, on arrival it was still not fully "broken in."
As if by magic the last two shaves have been like using a different brush. A much softer face feel backed up with a top notch performance.
Another plus point is the weight of the handle. It feels great in the hand. A solid piece of engineering.

On conclusion I would like to confirm that the Tatara not only looks the part but also performs exceptionally well.

Once again thank you @TATARA RAZORS and @Nishy for the opportunity.

P.S. If you want to sell it then I will buy it. LOL! :wink::D

Superb shave enjoy yours.
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Thank you for the reviews Gents. I will email Tatara, so they are also aware the pass around has finished.


This looks very good, everything from semogue is interesting, and now Tatara join the team [emoji106]

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