Completed Talbot Coles Pond

Discussion in 'Video Of The Day - VOTD' started by CastleShave, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. CastleShave

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    Preshave: Bloom Water
    Soap: Talbot Shaving Coles Pond
    Brush: Brad Sears Custom 30mm 2band finest
    Razor: Wade & Butcher 9/8 FBU square point
    Aftershave: Talbot Shaving Coles Pond
    Fragrance: Creed Aventus

    A wonderful shave all around! BBS in most areas, DFS in the rest! Coles Pond is just a wonderful scent very fresh with some woodsy notes, at times it reminds you of a creed scent as it has similar characteristics but not scent notes. I have just started editing videos to shorten the length for you guys please comment below with some constructive criticism in the Vid. Appreciate all of you watching and supporting me! Will definitely see you all soon!



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