T+S Sàsq’ets LE (plus 30% on regular lineup)


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New Limited Edition from Tallow+Steel, animalic lavender, themed around the wildman of the woods.

Top tier products in my book, and not too often shave software is animalic = I had to take a punt.

Canadian Lavender (65%) | Labdanum (22%) | Castoreum (5%) | Nootka (3%) | Vetiver (3%) | Amber (2%) |



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Tried most of T&S and never had a luck. Weird, sometimes even awful scents. Performance? Well ... there are many better ones.


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Yeah, not a big fan of their scents so I'm passing. I do have Boreal and have used it a few times. Smells better lathered than from the tub, fantastic performance though


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How much is the shipping for Europe?

The lotion seems top notch, based on what I'm reading.


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You don't like these then?
No more US soaps for Mr Rowl...
Not at all, scent wise, performance wise yes, good prices too.

With many soaps from the US that I liked the performance, I tried hard to find a safe scent. T&S have great ingredients list, and well made graphics on the label, but..

Hope Maggards stock them to try more scents..

If ordered directly, the packaging mentions the real price from the outside?
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