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3 razors and strop arrived yesterday, I thought I'd start with the Aristocrat as I'm in Sheffield.

Felt like it tugged a bit, I did strop before shaving, about 50 on the canvas and 50 on leather. Took my time as I didn't want to roll the edge, no idea if I'm doing it right but it looked like it does in the video's.

So away I went on the cheeks, a lot of audio feedback so it sounded like it was cutting, it felt like it was cutting, and there was hair in the lather as I wiped the blade on the sponge between strokes, but there was still a lot of stubble on my cheeks. Maybe its my technique. I stropped some more post shave, 80 canvas and 80 leather, no weight just letting the blade move up and down. Let's see what it's like tomorrow.


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2nd go with the aristocrat and it still feels like it drags a bit. It a definitely cutting hairs as I can see the stubble in the lather I wipe off, but its just not a particularly close shave so I finish up with a DE.

Tomorrow I'll try one of the others.


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1st go with the friodur. Same kinda thing, it sounds like it's cutting, there's stubble in the shaving lather I wipe off the blade, but its not a particularly close shave.

Had a couple of wtg passes and still no closer. I get there's technique to learn, especially around the chin, but I'd expected a closer shave on the cheeks.

Basically at the moment I'm taking twice as long to get a shave as half as good as with a DE.

Still, I prefer this blade to the aristocrat.


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If you're new to straight shaving then "taking twice as long to get a shave as half as good as with a DE" sounds about right. Incredibly steep learning curve with a straight razor. You need 100% commitment to learn art of the straight. I am by no means an expert, far, far from it, but it sounds like your angle is off, if you are finding that you get a dragging sensation. Either that or maybe you have dulled the edge through poor stropping...
Hard to say as I am a straight beginner myself, in fact I haven't used one for a few months..
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