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Gorgeous razor Bill! Also Omega cream is one of my regulars: as good as excellent Proraso IMHO but with a less 'invasive' scent (at least to my nose and which suits me better). And I must be the last shaver never to have tried Pinaud Clubman - but you might have pushed me over the edge there...they seem to have a large range of scents, is any one in particular the original please?

Thanks for the compliment Michael... I haven't used these creams in a tube in ages, but they deserve to be used more..

As for Clubman.. I'm sure it predates me, as I recall the scent from barbershops as a kid... and that was a good long while ago! :laugh:
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Nice looking Gen 1 Brad!

Testing the last of the 3 Mikawa nagura, the cubical piece was actually acquired last November, but was badly oiled so it’s spent the time since then in a jelly jar of alcohol, with the alcohol getting swapped out about every week. It’s a good piece of rock, and had a koma stamp on it (no Asano stamps) but not quite as fine as the other two unstamped that I posted elsewhere. The Capes can now be final finished.

Razor, Cape 1000, brush SOC boar, cream SMN, AS Myrsol Agua Balsamica .

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