Straight Of The Day


Forum GOD!

Hot Towel Prep
Mitchell's Wool Fat
New Forest Superior Badger Two Band
Hayashi Diamond #74
Scrupleworks Vegetable Tanned Horsehide .. 40/60
Bloc Osma
Witch Hazel .. Rose Petal
Vintage Old Spice AfterShave Splash

This shave in honor of my rediscovery of the original New Forest Two Band brush. Still a great performer..
The H. Diamond razor just touched up on a coticule of unknown provenance...



Forum GOD!
Razor: 'G. Gowen' (Sheffield?), 13/16, near wedge. I received this years ago from Neil Miller, we never managed to identify the maker apart from his name but a fine blade anyway. Touched-up on a La Verte coticule.
Soap: Haslinger Sensitiv (unscented).
Brush: Shed Eleven/Zenith unbleached boar. The Zenith unbleached heads are a real discovery for me, 99% broken in on arrival, split ends, practically no blunt shafts, I've not had that with boar heads from other brands (which do break in eventually though). Maybe just a good batch at the moment from Yours Shaving?
A/S: Meissner 'Pure' (unscented). Going on a ramble, no fragrance.



Forum GOD!
Shave #30 on the Rifuto edge just to round of the count, I’ll likely bring out some other razors for a bit, variety is the spice of life you know! I’m doing a silver/black Oakland Raiders theme here with the unscented XPEC, Rifuto scales and Proraso Pro boar. Floris 89 finished up a great shave on a cold, wet, windy Sunday morning.