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13/16 Nelson razor (Japanese), ‘made from the world famous Nelson Steel’! Except that no one has heard of Nelson Steel. It did have a Schoeller Bleckmann Fenix steel sticker on the scales so I suspect that ‘Nelson steel’ was entirely marketing. It’s a nice razor, new when I got it cheap as chips because it has a tiny crack way up on the back of the heel, what knife people call the choil. It’s tiny and the razor would be worn to 4/8 by the time the crack ever came in to play in any way, and I figured it would be a good travel and test razor. And it is. Odddly enough, an eBay seller had another one just like it, including the crack in the same place only his was worse, so likely something with the forge/blanks?

The edge was from the chocolate kiita and the soap was ABC hard soap lathered with a Keyhole 3. Myrsol Blue finished up a great shave.

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