Straight Of The Day


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Simmons Hornet and a West Side Grinding Company, both 6/8 and very similar German grinds.The Simmons edge is a smooth jnat finished on light tomo slurry. Cream was SMN lathered with a Keyhole 3 and Myrsol Agua Balsamica finished up.

Jnat vs La Lune, 35 glycerine and water strokes for the La Lune after a mejiro finish on a hard Nakayama, probably 8-10k. 20 normal light strokes followed by 15 WOB.

Hard to tell if the La Lune edge is improved over the other La Lune edges, maybe marginally smoother. But the Jnat wins, lol. This particular Jnat does make exceptionally smooth edges though.

I think maybe 25-35 might be a good number for the La Lune with glycerine and water, a bit less for straight water? The edge is impressive for so few strokes though, it’s smooth, not quite Jnat, coti, or Thuri, but no one would have any complaints with the La Lune edge I think.