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Parfum is no longer listed by Dior which is a shame as it’s by far the best variant. I couldn’t give away a full bottle of it on here. I’m not bothered about it on me so my 8 year old uses it for school, smells great on him.
Ask your lad if he is up for a trade for some 1912 shave soap? :giggle:
I will send you a sample Darron. :)
Then it shall be done. :wink:

Steve Bowles

That's me except I'm 45! Got a birthday card on my 30th that basically said that you know you're old when you'd rather go to a garden centre than have a night out for your birthday. True then, even more so now!
The way I heard it is, 'You know you're old when you can live without sex, but not without your glasses.'