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Whoa! Stop the bus. I've just bought about 90ml of THE best fragrance I now own, I have lots, inc Creed's Aventus and a few others plus Niche and designers. This one however escaped me until now for some reason. Dior Homme. Oh my good God. This stuff is stunning, really stunning. I was lucky to find a lightly used bottle on the Bay for £30. It's a proper Panty Dropper. Awesome juice.
One of the best designer frags ever ,...the king of the line IMHO is the "Parfum" version. Has the same DNA but with leather.
I nearly bought a bottle in Copenhagen airport but it's mighty pricey! If I can sell something on BST (hahaha ) I might treat myself!
Nice choice, Wayne..great juice.:cool:


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I happen to try it today for the first time at a friend's place. Parfum version though.

Pretty much liked it. Niche at designer price, of course little expensive than the usual designers. More of a fall / winter fragrance.

Tried 3 of Diors' at his place Sauvage, Fahrenheit & Homme. Last one clearly stood out. Good longevity, sillage and gourmandish to my nose.

Worth buying full bottle

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Hah. Mileage varies. I had a decant kindly sent my way by and from Steve, and wasn’t all that impressed. If anything, I prefer it the next day, the remnants on my clothes. Didn’t do much for me iow. I seem to be in the minority though.
Parfum is no longer listed by Dior which is a shame as it’s by far the best variant. I couldn’t give away a full bottle of it on here. I’m not bothered about it on me so my 8 year old uses it for school, smells great on him.