Stirling Soap selection

Which one and why?

  • Iced pineapple

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Agar

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Barbershop

    Votes: 8 72.7%

  • Total voters


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I would wait a few weeks because I heard from Rod(the owner of Stirling) that he will be have six new Glacial soaps for the summer in a few weeks. I see you are from Greece why don't just buy some samples for either or


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Randy, what are your preferences with regard to oud scents? Sweet, animalistic, earthy, or woody?


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Mountain man. Based on silver mountain from Creed. Executive man —- Creed aventus , Sharp dressed man —- Creed green irish tweed or the other wat roubd on the last two [emoji12]

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The Glacials are great..if you like menthol ..beware though, they are VERY cold. I haven't tried any of the three you listed but I'd go with the Iced Pineapple. .After that you should kick back and enjoy a Pina Colada :okay::cheers:


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Stirling really has a massive choice and ot all comes down to your scent preferences.

Personally, I find the glacials too cold. I like them every once in a while but definitely not for everyday shave. Cool but not cold would be Margaritas. A very nice, sweet and orangy, yet refreshing. Like it a lot.

Also there are the fragrance dupes. My favorite is the Mountain Man, a cologne, citrusy scent. Love it. Sharp dressed man is a discreet and clean scent, not to intrussive. Arkadia is nice also, a bit "dryer", as is the original terredhermes fragrance.
Executive Man for me is not a good representation of Creed Aventus. I tried many of them, and there are far better "clones" and far better Stirlings.

Barbershop is special, not like mainstream citrus/basil type barbershop most artisan have. It's a mix i cant define, but very strong in scent and it could burn the skin due to vanilla or some ingredients.

One more favorite of mine is Ozark Mountain. Fresh and clean. Its a woody scent but it does not smell like woods :) it reminds me of a laundry detergent but in a good way.

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