Stirling EDT problem


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I recently bought some Stirling EDT. Three flavours: barbershop, spice and haverford. The atomiser on the spice bottle is broken, and doesn't reliably produce a squirt when depressed. It gets stuck often, and seems to not go down straight.

The vendor has been pretty good about it, and offered me a partial refund, which I accepted. My plan was to buy a different bottle with atomiser, and transfer the juice.

It's only now that I look at the bottle and realise I'm not sure how I'm going to get the atomiser off the bottle. Does anyone know if it's just a question of levering it off? Is there any kind of screw thread going on underneath the collar?

I have to say, I love all three scents.


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I had the issue with a broken atomizer on a different EDT. COuldn't get it off. I had to break it. I used pliers.


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Break it, there is no other way.

But, why partial refund? Is that you to be responsible for this?? Of course not. He should send another bottle and one bar soap in addition to say sorry.