SS General V2.0 in the works.....

If I didn’t have my Vector, I might have considered it, but I’ve already found the perfect solution for my shaving needs.

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Whether or not the price increase is merited, the 2 Brothers that are Colonial Razors are great artisan razor producers and I wish them nothing but success for their newly made and ready to be released SS General V2.0. Could possibly be that since manufacturing has been kept in the States instead of being outsourced overseas (Asia, China) costs could have gone up significantly as compared to the previous General razor releases that were produced at a cheaper cost overseas. Just speculation of course as I have nor offer any concrete data on the subject of their price increase. That's just my best guess.....


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Is that the official reason? If so it’s a reasonable jump. It’ll be interesting to see if US patriotism will be enough for Americans to cough up the difference. At the same price as a Vector I’m no longer interested.
Me neither...


In the past I had asked in another forum about the price increase and the justification was the one mentioned above (production now in the USA while previously in China).
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If that's the reason, why didn't they make it it Canada then? Razorock can obviously do it for $55.

I'm not saying General should be $55, but if they offered it for say $100 that's a profit of at least $50 per razor - seems good enough.

I'm probably missing something but for $185 your in the Vector territory. Again I'm not saying Vector shaves better than General (for me it didn't) but construction wise they just don't compare. Vector is probably the best designed modern razor imo


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Blimey you lot are a bunch of grumpy old so and so’s! :ohmy: :confused:
I’m really excited about this razor and the Silversmith DE. They look awesome to me.
Love that new shallow head cleverly achieved by the notch in the center thread. Really dig that handle design too. Obviously we all have different tastes for aesthetics but I have no doubt this is one quality performing SE razor.
And it goes without saying now being fully designed and built in the USA is going to alter the price somewhat closer to what other US made artisan razors have been going for.
I still use my Colonial General every week as it’s superb. Going to have to get me one of these when I have the funds.
I live 25 minutes away from Colonial, and was sorely tempted until my Vector arrived! I still may get one in the future, but at this time, I’ll give it a pass!

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Well... I have General V1 and it is awesome indeed.
I do not find a reason why someone should give the double amount "because it is made in USA".
I am not from USA!
If you want to be a patriot, donate this amount somewhere guys...
Why Razorock can give so fair prices? Wages in Canada are lower than US?
Damn, These guys are nuts :yuck::ohmy::facepalm::thumbsdown:. Double the price of a brass general! Not bloody likely and those hideous handles :yuck:.
The new razors are 316L SS which is a notoriously hard grade of steel that wears cutters out on CNC machines. That’s part of the cost, but they produced the latest batch in the US instead of China, thus increased costs. Lots of their customers were asking for a “made in USA” razor and that’s what they delivered.

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