Spare a thought for Rod Neep

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Per my post #5, speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it is very unpleasant. Regarding the kidneys, I had a retrograde pyelogram under general anaesthetic to examine my kidneys; fortunately they weren’t damaged. I remember feeling very energized physically and mentally once the bilharzia was cured, and there’ve been no ongoing issues in the 60 years since. The only thing I can’t do is donate blood, but that’s probably more to do with my having had malaria; mind you, as soon as I mentioned I’d had two tropical parasitic diseases they showed me the door.
Glad you made a full recovery and I do know Rod is reading the thread so it may provide him with some comfort.

Malaria is a nasty one too. My grandad contracted that on the Northern Front India during the period between WW1 and 2. He would have it flare up from time to time.


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A friend of mine had parasitic worms in his foot (even just typing those words makes me feel sick) so I can't even begin to imagine how terrible it must be for Rod Neep.

I wish him a swift recovery.

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Much better news from Rod this evening.

Update 2020 08 15

Keeping you wonderful friends up to date with latest developments…

First, things have (sort of) improved. I have had lots and lots of tests and examinations and there are still more to come. I have been handed over to the Urology Department rather than “infectious diseases”.

Tests on the “worms” proved that they were not worms! They were long blood clots, formed somewhere in a narrow part of my urinary tract. They just looked like ugly worms which fooled everyone.

We don’t yet know from where I am bleeding, and there will be more tests to identify that in due course. It could be from a kidney, ureta, bladder or prostate. Kidney functions are poor but I am not anaemic. I have an enlarged prostate and that is the main possible source of the blood clots, but they are not ruling out other things. More tests to come, including a catheter flush out and a camera inspection. They are well and truly on the case.

Said with a smile as a joke… the last test from the urologist wan’t pleasant, and it was a first for me…. and it involved a lot of KY jelly (vaseline) 😁😳

So… they decided to send me home! I am off the endangered list. 🙂 The other tests will be conducted as an out patient in days to come. I had the most amazing welcome home from Honey the dog 🐶 😁

Basically, I am feeling OK ish, with some uncomfortable sensation from my lower gut. Spirits are high 😁

Many thanks for your continued prayers. Love you all !!!😁 ❤❤

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Events are moving along very quickly!

The doctors at Southmead hospital discharged me yesterday, saying that they were happy that I was fit enough to leave and come home, but that they wanted me back at sometime for more tests as they were very concerned about creatinine levels in my kidneys which are sky high. The kidneys are not functioning properly.

Good news is that Sunday, last night and all of today my urine has been normal looking with no signs of blood or clots. I have been feeling pretty well !! :)

Earlier this morning I received a phone call from the hospital to tell me of an appointment on Thursday for more blood samples to check my creatinine levels again...... BUT later in the morning came another phone call telling me to attend Wednesday at 1.50 to have a "Flexible Cystoscopy". Look it up if you want to know the details, but basically it involves a camera up an uncomfortable place to look at the inside of my prostate and my bladder. 😳
I am definitely not looking forwards to that! (Grit your teeth and bear it, Rodney).

As both appointments are in the same hospital department I am asking if the Thursday blood tests can be taken at the same time as my Wednesday appointment to save a 60 mile round trip. Waiting to hear back on that.

So... they are still at the investigative stages. Kidneys, prostate and bladder. Before they decide to offer a cure. At least by Wednesday afternoon I shall have immediate feedback and results of the cystoscopy.

I'm going to need lots of prayer from 1.50pm on Wednesday for about an hour. It is a "standard" procedure, but I am rather worried about going through it. :-(


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If it’s any reassurance Rod, the cystoscope sounds much the same as inserting a catheter - the thought is much worse than the procedure itself. Removal is a strange sensation - almost like you’ve completely lost control of your bladder, but pleasant in a strange way. Good luck anyway.