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I’m friends with Rod Neep (Pens of the forest and brush maker). Many of us on here know Rod for his excellent brushes. He’s posted this afternoon that he has been peeing blood and worms. This is a quote from his post.

“I need prayer, folks.

It appears that I have a parasitic worm which could only have come from my visits to Kenya (last visit 11 years ago). It can remain dormant for up to 30 years! Schistosomiasis, which you can look up on Google if you wish. Sunday morning I started peeing blood and it has been the same since, together with some ugly worms 1" (2.5cm) long. Monday I saw the doctor and had urine and blood tests. Results through today show significant kidney damage. The doctor has made an appointment for me to see a tropical disease specialist at Southmead hospital in Bristol tomorrow.“

I will spare you the photos, I have wished him well. Poor fella stopped the brush making due to ill health, now this.


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That's bad, and I hope sincerely that he gets through this OK. Things he made for me are among my treasures, and it was a blow, especially for him, but also his customers, when he had to give up making because of his earlier problems.

He certainly has my best wishes, too.


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I grew up in Southern Africa and contracted it (we called it bilharzia) 60 years ago when I was 12 years old. Mine was not as advanced as Rod’s seems to be (we were tested regularly for it at the boarding school I attended). I was treated successfully with a series of injections in my backside over several weeks; these were the most painful injections I recall ever having due to the consistency of the serum, but I think treatment today is more sophisticated. After treatment I had my kidneys, bladder etc checked to ensure there was no lasting damage. Since then I’ve had no issues at all. Overall not a pleasant experience, but it taught me to stay away from stagnant fresh water where the snails live. It’s a fairly common disease where I grew up and need not be fatal if treated effectively. Such diseases are one of the risks of living in that part of the world. I’ve also had malaria when I was very young, but seem to have out grown it since I’ve not had any reoccurrences or complications I can remember (something’s are best forgotten, however). A few of my friends who lived on farms contracted black water fever (a complication of malaria) and sleeping sickness, but have survived.

@Northam Saint, my thoughts and prayers are with Rod and please feel to share my experience with him if it would help.


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I've a lot of Rods brushes and cherish everyone, I've been friends with him quite a while and never heard a bad word about him ,A Real Gentleman ,Speedy recovery Rod then get back to the fishing
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Wishing him well.

I have had a few of his brushes and regret selling them all. :-(

I hope he can make a quick recovery.


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Crikey, that's unfortunate for Rod. My thoughts are with him.
I'm fortunate to have one of his brushes that is well overdue a reknot, but I'd love to get it back into service. It's a thing of beauty.