SOTD Saturday 30March 2019 - Friday 05 April 2019


Forum GOD!
Mike! Is that you?
Hi Arthur,
I saw a couple of SE diehards venturing back into DE Land, and thought it was a Shame that my DEs were not getting any use, so have given them a chance. Thanks to my improved shaving techniques, I had super Shaves with both my Futur and Progress. I am sure that I used a shallower angle of attack than when I was using DEs on a regular basis. You will not see me selling off my SE/Injectors in the near future, as I am much happier using them.


Shaving Boar
Pre: Warm water splash
Brush: Vulfix 404 Badger/Boar
Soap: WK Lav Sublime
Razor: Cobra Classic
Blade: Schick Proline P
Post: Warm then cold water rinse, Cella Eau de Lavande


I must have lost track of this blade because it was a bit tuggy, but a DFS was attained anyway.
Happy Shaving one and all.

Yehuda D

Forum GOD!
My Saturday disaster, I mean SOTD:

Clean & Clear Facial Wash
Razorock Plissoft 26mm Monster
Super Speed/Rapira day 3
Alluvian Norwegian Spear SS
Prep SS
Bleu de Chanel EdT

I had a very good BBS shave but it came at a cost because I cut myself badly near my lower lip during my second pass. I’m to blame because for so many years I became overconfident with my Super Speed and my ability to shave fast with it so today it really bit me. Anyway, the Alluvian soap’s scent was so nice, the lather was so thick and meringue-like, and I felt a bit of a cooling sensation. As my luck would have it my styptic pencil was nowhere to be found so I had to put a gauze bandaid over the cut and that stopped the bleeding but I had a fairly unpleasant reaction because I broke out in a terrible cold sweat and I became very nauseous. Thank heavens I feel much better now.