SOTD Saturday 29 December 2018 - Friday 4 January 2019


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Buenos días!!

Everything but the soap is from China today.

-Brush: Galaxy 24mm Silvertip.

-DE razor: Yaqi Gunmetal Mellon + Yintal Bronze.

-Straight Razor: Gold Dollar 209.

-DE Blade: Mingshi #1.

-Soap: Arko mod 2.

-Post: Alum Stick, DIY Lotion, Meldeen Balsam.

-Face: Three passes with straight razor.

-Head: Two passes with DE razor.

-4.5/5 Head BBS, face quite good.

Un saludo!!

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Saturday 29th December

Nobel Otter Flying Hide
Saponificio Varesino 2.0 Cocobolo
Rockwell 6c
Vintage Personna Star (4)
Humphreys Witch Hazel
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather EDC

I can’t fault Nobel Otter soaps. Cushion, slickness, and the scent compliments the cologne nicely. That was a thoroughly enjoyable mimsy in the bathroom. Have a great weekend gents.


Saturday 29th December

Pears Glycerine Soap
Proraso Sensitive Preshave
Palmolive Sensitive Shaving Cream
Omega S10083 Brush
Turkish Copper Shaving Bowl
Q-Shave adjustable (3,3,4) with a SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum
Witch Hazel
Palmer's for Men Moisturiser
Benjamins Bay Rum with Pimento

A lovely 3 pass shave for a good start to the day:)


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Sat 29th Dec

Cyril Salter/ Maseto ED Two Band
La Toja Stick
Alu.Hawk + Windrose S/S Handle
Schick Pro;ine [ 8 ]
La Toja A/S Lotion

Todays Shave proved to me that expensive Razors/Soaps etc are not essential to provision of a good Shave. Using the low cost Alu. Hawk with a budget soap, I found that by investing time and care into the Shave not only was it enjoyable, but I was rewarded with a top quality close all round finish. Even though the blade was on its 8th outing it I had no problems dealing with my stubborn growth.

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Sunday 23rd of December to Thursday the 27th of December shaves:

Pre.: Hot water rinse, organic coconut oil, Proraso green pre-shave cream
Brush: Mühle STF travelbrush aluminium black
Soap: Speick Men Stick
Razor: ShaveCraft #104 Tech on a Merkur 30c handle
Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge
Post.: Hot water rinse, alum, cold water rinse, Vifrex, Cremo Cooling Postshave Balm, Caron "Pour un Homme de Caron" EdT

A week of great shaves :D, during my family visit in northern Germany. The Tech provided again and again effortless, comfortable, efficient shaves, reaching great results day after day.
No shave on Friday, due to my travelling back home by car (huh, rain :rain: plus a lot of traffic :surrender: made this not really a relaxed drive).

Saturday morning shave:

Pre.: Hot water rinse, organic coconut oil, Proraso green pre-shave cream
Brush: Rick Montalvo brush with a 25mm Timberwolf fan knot
Soap: Meißner Tremonia - Himalayan Heights
Razor: ShaveCraft #104 Tech on a Stork Classic aluminium handle
Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge (3rd use)
Post.: Hot water rinse, alum, cold water rinse, Vifrex, Myrsol Emulsion, Tom Ford "Italian Cypress" EdP

Brilliant shave on the first morning back home. The Tech "depleted" two days of growth easily and effortlessly (within two passes - xtg & atg - and minor touch ups). No weepers, no irritation, no sting by the alum - very nice! :D
MT "Himalayan Heights" + SC Tech + Gillette SharpEdge made for a formidable set up, leaving my face silk smooth :happy:

Wishing all an easy and smooth Saturday! :okay:
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The day off, no appointments so no shave.

And because I sometimes have the impression that you guys only
read my SOTD's for the pastries ..... todays post of the cappuccino with ....

Feel free proving the contrary as it turned out, during last weeks shave when I cut myself, I also do have feelings!!!

Have a nice day everyone.



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29 December 2018

Preshave: Hot water rinse
Blade: Gillette Rubie (2)
Brush: Omega 10018 Boar
Shaving Cream: Body Shop Maca Root
Aftershave Balm: Rock Face Shaving Butter
Aftershave: Harvard

A no fuss shave where every element simply works to deliver an easy BBS.

Have a good weekend.