SOTD Saturday 28th July - Friday 3rd August 2018

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  1. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Cosmic Cowboy

    Saturday SOTD
    July 28, 2018

    Blackland Dart with TRIAD Helix Hex
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Shavemac AGT LE Silvertip D01 Two Band
    Stirling Soap Co. Glacial Obsidian
    Stirling Soap Co. Black Ice Witch Hazel
    Gold Bond Green Lotion
    Barrister and Mann Arctique
    Pino Silvestri

  2. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    For Saturday


    Razor - Emil Jansen/The Hamburg Ring
    Soap - RR RazoRocktober
    Brush - SOC 2 band badger
    AS - Clubman Citrus Musk EdC

    No prep cold water 4 pass face lathered shave

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  3. celestino

    celestino Forum GOD!

    28 July 2018

    * Blackbird Machined SB 101
    * Wizamet Iridium Super
    * Maseto Shaving XD 2-Band + K-Translucent
    * Mystic Water Barbershop
    * Unrefined Shea Butter
    * Bergamot/Vetiver EO

  4. Ram57

    Ram57 Forum GOD!

    Boise Idaho

    Saturday SOTD


    Razor: Schick Repeating Razor C2
    Blade: Schick Injector (D6)
    Brush: Wolf Whiskers THBS Black Wolf 25mm
    Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery Shave Bowl
    Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
    Pre-Shave Butter: Mickey Lee Lime
    Shave Soap: PannaCrema Nuàvia Verde
    Post: Monster Block Alum
    Aftershave: Chatillon Lux Gratiot League Square Toner

  5. Electrif

    Electrif Forum GOD!

    Saturday 28th July
    Holiday shave №5
    Vig Shaving Purtech - Speick Stick - General Al - Schick Proline P #6 - Speick A/S - Dove Instant Hydration Cream

    Take care everyone.
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  6. taspav

    taspav Forum GOD!

    EUFROS Ylang-Ylang / Semogue 830
    Merkur 38c / PolSilver
    Razorock Dead Sea / J.P.Gaultier - Le Male


  7. Blademonkey

    Blademonkey Legendary Member


    Prep ~ Shower, Valbora Glicerlanolina Soap.
    Razor ~ Blackland Dart (Sabre Handle)
    Blade ~ Gillette Rubie NOS made in London
    Soap ~ Eufros Zanzibar Premium Tallow
    Brush ~ SOC Taj Badger & Boar
    Post ~ Thayers / Jojoba oil
    Scent ~ Saffon Aoud ~ D'Arabie Edp

    Not only did I decide that the Sabre handle suited the Dart and would be staying I decided that I would use a NOS Rubie blade kindly provided by @Dobbo25, cheers mate.
    I'm loving this razor so I'm pairing it with everything that is good, my Bodger brush and the Eufros and of course the Rubies.
    The brush soon whipped up a wonderful Eufros lather which was worked into my stubble with the fab SOC Bodger and once done I set to with the razor, a light touch is all that's needed and I swear this is a R41 in Stainless, joy of joys, it really to me does feel like one. I never thought the R41 was aggressive, I just thought it was good at what it did. YMMV :)
    Two passes and a clean up pass and it was job done, what a razor, well done to Blackland, you have pulled it out of the bag with the Dart, I do prefer the Sabre handle though :)
    Smooth skinned and looking fab I gave myself a few sprays of Saffon Aoud by D' Arabie, a perfect end to a perfect shave.

    Have a great weekend People's.........P.

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  8. Pat-W

    Pat-W Legendary Member

    Razor - Feather SS
    Blade - Feather Pro
    Brush - SOC 2 Band
    Bowl - Wee Wren
    Cream - Fitjar Folgefonn
    Post - Thayers Cucumber
    Florida Water Cologne
    EDT - Guerlain Vetiver


    Enjoy your weekend gentlemen
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  9. culcreuch

    culcreuch Ooooops!

    Saturday 28th July


    RSC Facial Scrub and Pears Glycerine Soap
    Vitos Pre Shave Cream
    P&B Spitfire Soap
    Sagrada Familia 24mm Tuxedo Brush
    Ikon MR-SE on a Bulldog Handle with a Proline-P
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel
    Aloe Vera Gel
    Pinaud Special Reserve AS/Cologne

    A bit of a change in the weather. Very I changed my set up to suit. Three passes for billiard ball smoothness. I can spend the rest of the weekend watching the grass grow!
  10. Boru62

    Boru62 Shaving Boar

    Pre: Cold water face wash,
    Brush: S_J Panga Panga 26mm ST
    Soap: MWF
    Razor: Cobra Classic
    Blade: Schick Proline P
    Post: Cold water rinse, Myrsol F./Extra ASL

    A great beginning to the weekend and there must've been a storm overnight because, it's a lovely cool morning with a lovely fresh breeze.
    Have a great weekend everyone.
  11. frost liam

    frost liam Forum GOD!

    Saturday SOTD

    schick M3
    saponificio varesino
    myrsol antesol

  12. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

    Pre: Mickey Lee Soapworks Preshave Butter Unscented
    Soap: Talbot Shaving Buttery Brook
    Brush: Shavemac Silvertip 2-band
    Razor: REX Ambassador
    Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless
    Post: Thayer's Witch Hazel + Barbedaux
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  13. Tzimisce

    Tzimisce Veteran

    It's Saturday!
    Meaning, I wake up any time I want, home alone, with enough time for me and my hobbies, so as to get prepared for Saturday's beer fest.
    Well, this is how we call it with my friends, but I guess you get the point. :)
    A tough day today (yeah, right...) because I promised to my wife to get her out (after the beerfest) for Ouzo.

    Preshave: Shower + Faena glycerine soap + Baxter facial scrub
    Soap: Dr. Harris Malborough
    Brush: Simpson's Commodore X3 Best
    Razor & blade: Merkur Futur (3) + Polsilver super iridium (1)
    ASL: Dior Fahrenheit
    Baxter's facial scrub is a product I use, but never used it as a preshave so far.
    I can say that, amongst Floid, Prorasso and Bluebeard's is the best of all!
    Futur was screaming with her seriously audible feedback but I couldn't even feel the blade.
    THIS is the time when you easilly make mistakes, but Dr was there to protect me and let me end up with a really nice BBS without a sign of irritation or a nick.

    Have a nice weekend gents!
  14. owlman

    owlman Forum GOD!

    Today's shave:


    - Stirling Bay Rum
    - Omega 11126
    - Rotbart Mond Extra with Feather blade
    - Old Spice aftershave


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  15. zealshaver

    zealshaver Forum GOD!

    N. Greece

    Pils 101NE / Ladas
    Thater Funf / Kerkini Eve
    Stirling scentless asl
    Davidoff Cool Water EdT
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