SOTD Saturday 22 September - Friday 28 September 2018


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27 September 2018

Preshave: Hot water rinse + bloom water
Razor: Gillette 7 O'Clock OC
Blade: Lord Platinum (1)
Brush: Plisson Pure Badger (vintage)
Shaving Soap: Wickham LE Bleu
Aftershave Balm: Bulldog Sensitive
Aftershave: Old Spice Whitewater

A very satisfactory billiard ball smooth finish with a couple of very minor weepers which closed before I'd finished. My wife approves, so we have another success and I'm a happy chappy.



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SOTD 27th September
Myrsol Blue
El Druida Manchurian Finest 2 band 25/50
Above The Tie R2 - Astra Platinum #1
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As much as I enjoy ATT razors this R2 Open Comb isn't for me.:cry: It may well suit someone with tough dense stubble but for daily shaving I find it a tad too much. The head will be heading over to BST.:thumbsdown:
nice photo with my old shaving brush :) very beautiful man :)


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SOTD 27/09

Pre Shave: Face wash with Nesti Dante bar soap
Soap: Oatcake Shaving Soap - Driftwood
Brush: SimFix sythetic re-knotted with a 24mm AP Shave Co SynBad knot
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (4)
Razor: Merkur Futur
Post: L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Moisturiser

First use with Driftwood and akin to my last shave with Lavender Melt, the scent profile and performance on this soap is top knotch, it's not a light weight scent and I can see it being akin to Marmite (which I don't like - unlike the soap).



I certainly wouldn't discount BIC blades out of hand and will definitely try them in other razors but I currently have other blades which work better for me with less fuss. I'm still working my way through the sample pack.

What he said.... I like the Bic Chrome blade and in some razors they work great! :)


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Thursday 27th September

Prep: Hot water face wash Pears Glycerin
Soap: Noble Otter The Noir Et Vanille
Brush: Yaqi 28mm Tuxedo
Bowl: Turkish hammered copper
Razor: Rookie 6C plate 6 and plate 3 for some touch ups
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium (2)
Post: Hot Shower
Asb: Givenchy Pi Neo
Edt: Givenchy Pi Neo

After being ill for a few days and not having a shave since Sunday I thought to myself I have never used plate 6 on the Rockwell ( i was probably just a little bit scared of using it) well I think I should use plate 6 more often because I only needed 2 passes and a couple of touch ups
Ps are there areas on your face that make you go argh mine is either side of the windpipe


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Gillette Slim Adjustable
Gillette Platinum
Stirling Synthetic
Stirling Wintergreen
Clubman Reserve Gent's Gin

The Slim gives me efficient but not the smoothest shaves.

This is my first experience with Glacial Stirling soaps. Man it's cold. The menthol is so strong I thought my face was freezing. I don't usually have seasonal soaps, but this one is definitely for hot summer days.

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For Friday


Soap - Van Der Lovett/Sailors Blend
Brush - Vintage Canadian Simms/TGN 2 band finest knot
Razor - Henckels Friodur 72 1/2/ DR Pat marked - possibly circa WWII
AS - Old Spice
No prep cold water 4 pass face lathered shave

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