SOTD Saturday 22 December 2018 - Friday 28 December 2018


Forum GOD!

Saturday SOTD

Razor: Yaqi Gunmetal DOC
Blade: Super Iridium (D7)
Brush: Yaqi Ferrari 26mm Tuxedo
Bowl: Prohibition Style
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
Pre-Shave Balm: Grooming Dept Unscented V35
Shave Soap: Stirling Responders 4 Life
Post: Organic Shea Butter
Aftershave: Stirling Responders 4 Life


Forum GOD!
Date: 22 December 2018

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush:- Semogue SOC in Cherry Wood Badger/Boar 24/53mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Vintage Williams Mug (tallow version)
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Razor/Blade:- Gillette New LC attached to iKon Bulldog / Vintage NOS Gillette Super Stainless (spoiler) #2
Post-shave:- Thayers Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil / Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic
Fragrance:- Davidoff Cool Water Wave


Saturday 22nd December

Pears Glycerine Soap
Proraso Sandalwood Preshave
Proraso Sandalwood Soap
Yaqi 24mm Tuxedo Synthetic Brush
Weishi 2.0 Adjustable (3,4,5) with a Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum Blade
Alum and Rinse
Thayers Witch Hazel
Palmer's for Men Moisturiser
Proraso Sandalwood AS

First use of the Weishi2.0 Adjustable...and I was pleasantly surprised. In reminds me of the Parker Variant. DFS+ after 2 passes and BBS in 3. Its early days yet......but so far I like it.

I would wish you all a good weekend....but I imagine that like me you will be spending the 2 days engaged in the urban warfare known as Christmas Shopping.


Forum GOD!
22 December 2018

Preshave: Hot water rinse + Neutrogena oil free face wash
Razor: Souplex OC
Blade: Sputnik (1)
Brush: Vulfix Grosvenor 404 mixed
Shaving Cream: Real Shaving Co Step 2
Aftershave Balm: Nivea 2 Phase
Aftershave: M&S Harvard

Just using up this cream, to be honest, as I'm too tight to bin it. Your experience may differ but I find it lacking in all departments and won't buy again. Singularly underwhelmed by the DFS, knowing so much better is possible.

Are we all shopped up for Christmas? Have a good weekend.