SOTD Saturday 20 October 2018 - Friday 26 October 2018

Discussion in 'Shave Of The Day - SOTD' started by Ram57, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Ram57

    Ram57 Forum GOD!

    Boise Idaho

    Saturday SOTD


    Razor: Supply Provision The Single Edge Jet Polished
    Blade: Personna (D6)
    Brush: Paladin PK-47 26mm Blonde Badger
    Bowl: Wedgwood China Pedestal Bowl 4 ½”
    Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
    Pre-Shave Balm: Grooming Dept Unscented V35
    Shave Soap: Grooming Dept Angel
    Post: Organic Shea Butter Lavender
    Aftershave: Black Ship Grooming Captain's Reserve
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  2. NRG

    NRG Über Member


    Timeless .68 SB / Polsilver / WSP Fougère Noir / Zenith
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  3. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Forum GOD!

    Date: 20 October 2018

    Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
    Brush:- Maseto 2 Band Finest Badger Black Beehive 30/55mm knot
    Soap/Cream:- Declaration Grooming ~ Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli
    Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
    Razor/Blade:- Rockwell 6C 'R6' / Vintage NOS Gillette Super Stainless (spoiler) #9
    Post-shave:- Thayers Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil / Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic
    Fragrance:- Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme
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  4. Tzimisce

    Tzimisce Veteran

    Ach Britto
    SB AOS Silvertip
    SS Phoenix Cavendish
    Razorock Hawk + Rosegold handle + Feather professional
    ASL Pheonix Cavendish

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  5. zealshaver

    zealshaver Forum GOD!

    N. Greece
  6. taspav

    taspav Forum GOD!

    Savon Mystere "Beeeta" / S.O.C 2band

    Merkur Progress @4,5 - 3 - 3 / Lord Super Chrome (1)

    Pitralon 160 / Insurrection Pure II EdT

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  7. MPF9

    MPF9 Forum GOD!

    Maidstone kent
    Sat 20th October

    RazoRock Plissoft 22mm
    Williams Mug Soap
    Alu. Claymore + S/S Handle
    Schick Proline [ 1 ]
    Lea After Shave Balsam

    Need to get out this morning , as we both need some reading material so a visit to the Public Library is called for.
    A really nice Shave this morning with a really nice close all round finish.I find that as I have slowed down and shortened my strokes whilst Shaving, I have been getting consistency good Shaves with no problems. I used a balm today rather than an A/S lotion,as my skin felt a bit itchy during the night, and it worked no itch now.

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  8. owlman

    owlman Forum GOD!

    Today's shave:


    - Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar
    - Simpson "Chubby 2"
    - Mühle Kosmo with Sputnik blade
    - Isana Dark Ocean aftershave


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  9. Nico

    Nico Guru

    Pre: Warm water, Crew oil
    Razor: Gillette Fatboy1958 D4 (5)
    Blade: Astra Green (3)
    Bowl: Handmade bowl, Mk1
    Brush: RazoRock Silvertip Synthetic
    Soap: Proraso Green
    Post: Proraso Green balm
    Love using my Gillette adjustable razors. Great shaves and that makes me happy.

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  10. 54gasp

    54gasp Forum GOD!

    Toul, FRANCE
    Floid, Mickey lee soap, fatip, rapira, Romera.
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  11. Boru62

    Boru62 Shaving Boar

    Pre: Warm water splash
    Brush: Semogue 1470 Boar
    Soap: Stirling Sandalwood
    Razor: Merkur 41c
    Blade: Polsilver Łódź
    Post: Warm then cold water rinse, Proraso Red ASL

    The 1904 is a very mild razor but more effective than it lets on.
    The 1470 is my favourite Semogue brush, soft but with plenty of backbone, just right for face lathering.
    The Stirling soap doesn't have four numbers but it rates more than four out of five in my book.
    So, all in all, a smasher of a super smooth Saturday shave.
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  12. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    SOTD 20th October
    Scottish Fine Soap
    Simpsons Polo PL8
    Schick E2 Injector - Proline #2
    Morning all,
    It's been a while since I last used the E2 injector. Compared to the more common G type the E2 has a nice amount of bite. :)
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  13. lu20vt

    lu20vt Forum GOD!

    Madrid, ESP

    The Club Amber Rose // Black Eagle Fan Shape 28x49 // Game Changer // The Club Amber Rose
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  14. Barry1963

    Barry1963 Easily Led

    Morning shave

    Olive Oil Soap
    Oleo Soapworks Windy City Barbershop
    Saponificio Varesino 2.0 Cocobolo
    Christopher Bradley Karve D Plate
    Aussie Spoiler (1)
    Fine American Blend Aftershave
    Rive Gauche Pour Homme EDT

    It was nice to have the Karve back after its visits to those discerning gentlemen @Boru62 and @Blademonkey. I’m pleased that they both agree with me. It’s a great razor. The soap was purchased as a result of one of those quite afternoons at work when I think to myself “I’ll have a little browse at Maggards”. Fatal really. My initial assessment of the soap is very favourable, and it’s a good match for the aftershave/EDT combo. Have a great weekend gents.
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  15. culcreuch

    culcreuch Resistance is Futile

    Saturday 20th October


    Heno Pravia Glycerine Soap
    Proraso Green Tea and Oat Pre Shave
    Nanny's Warm Spice Traditional (Tallow) Soap
    Yaqi 24mm 2 Band Badger Brush
    Muhle R41 (2011) Razor with a 7 O'Clock Permasharp
    Alum and Rinse
    Witch Hazel
    Aloe Vera Gel
    Old Spice AS

    2 passes for a BBS finish. It would have been tempting fate and totally unnecessary to have attempted a third.
    The shave passed the alum test and I am very pleased with the result.

    Enjoy your weekend!
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