SOTD Saturday 06 April 2019 - Friday 12 April 2019


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Saturday SOTD

Razor: Supply Provision The Single Edge Jet Black
Blade: Personna (D2)
Brush: Zen Shave Crossbones 24mm Romera Manchurian
Bowl: Creek Road Pottery 5½”
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Patchouli & Mint
Shave Soap: Talbot Buttery Brook
Balm: Cold River Soap Works Citrus
Aftershave: Extro Rasoio E Pennello Summer 2015



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Two Pass Shaving Routine..:cool:

Hot Water Prep & Massage with Argan Oil
NOS Hugo Herbertz BOCKLA Solingen Full Hollow 5/8th ( Freshly Honed )
Fitchard Pure Badger
Monsavon Bol Tallow Soap
Humphreys Witch Hazel

I Had My Maiden Shave with My Newly Acquired NOS Factory Fresh Hugo Herbertz BOCKLA Solingen Full Hollow 5/8th...She has Just Came Off the Hones & She Took a Spectacular Shaving Edge...A Top Shelf Shaver & Looker...Its a Keeper for Sure...:okay:

I Am Dolphin Smooth & Refreshed..:hyper:

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~SOTD~ 6Th April

Prep ~ Shower, Aleppo soap
Razor ~ Paradigm Ti SE
Blade ~ Proline
Soap ~ Pre de Provence
Brush ~ H.L. Thater 4125/2 26mm Silvertip
Post ~ Thayers Rose Petal WH
Scent ~ Xerjoff 1861 Renaissance EDP

A great way to start the weekend. :)

Have a good one folks....P.
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Saturday 6th April

Cold Water Shave
Heno de Pravia Glycerine soap
Vitos Pre Shave Cream
Stirling Mountain Man Soap
Frank Shaving STF Synthetic Brush
Star 1912 pattern on a Copper Handle with a GEM SS Blade
Alum and Rinse with Simple Facial Toner
Heno de Pravia Moisturiser
Al-Rehab Silver EDP

A fantastic shave today. The copper handle by Andy ( @les24preludes ) gave the razor both nice heft and balance.
3 passes for another 'Face Feeling Finish'.

My wife is away on a 'girlie' weekend with some former climbing club it is beer and burgers for me for a couple of days. Hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to!


Old geezer

soap: Barbus Classic top cap broke early on, this replacement from my travel toothpaste starting to fuzz now when maybe 1/4 of cream is left
brush: Omega 49 first outing, got a nice feel to it, except for the smell
razor: Heljestrand MK Nr2 DIY scales in London Plane, smallest blade in my rotation but making the cut no problem
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Sat 6th April
RazoRock Syn.22mm
Vitos Super Red
Gem MicroMatic- brass
Gem S/S [ 3 ]
Floid Vigoroso A/S Lotion

After yesterdays disappointing Shave todays choice of Razor was guaranteed to make up for it. Using the dependable Vitos with the Micromatic was an ideal combination for a good quality Shave. I have found contrary to popular opinion that the MicroMatic once mastered shaves smoothly , and is extremely efficient and without any problems delivers a very satisfying close all finish.


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First use of SMN this morning. It's quite a thick cream like AdP and as a face latherer, I need to experiment. Tried adding to the brush, but it's too thick to spread. Rubbing on the face first is preferable with this one. Don't want to use a bowl.
Scent is mild and beautiful, with just the right amount of eucalyptus.
I load it from the tub, like I do with soaps. And I load heavy. When dialled in you get a very dense and extremely slick lather.