For Sale Soap lot - NOW SPLIT (Grooming Dept, Eufros, L&L...)

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    Gentlemen, I have the following soap lot for sale. I'd say these are roughly 80-90% full but I've also included the weights with containers.
    Prices are with fees and shipping worldwide. If you buy more than one, take £5 off per item.
    The price for the lot remains £78 or $103 and will be given priority if a buyer is found.
    Thank you.

    Strop Shoppe Date Night 150g £18 or $23
    L&L Harmony 150g £18 or $23
    Grooming Dept Ambrosia 162g £23 or $30
    Eufros Fougere 137g £21 or $27 - SOLD
    Eufros Ylang Ylang 132g £21 or $27 - SOLD
    Vreto Cognac & Cigars 117g - free if you purchase two otherwise £11 or $14 (silly, I know) - GONE

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