Soap bowl for SV soaps

Doti B

Other than the £25 Alder Wood bowl can anyone recommend a bowl for SV soaps for which you don’t need to make any alterations to the soap ?


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Could live with Aluminium tins 👍🏼
Russ got me on to using these. You can get cheap aluminium tins on AE that have they styrene in the lid for making the seal. Double check the dimension of the ones on offer but I found the 200ml and 250ml ones to work for my SV soaps:

£0.61 41%OFF | 1PCS 5/10/15/50/60/100/150/250ml Aluminum Tin Jars Portable Lightweight Round Empty Pot Jar for Cosmetic Cream Bottles

They're available from various sellers.


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SV soaps are ideal for cutting slices then moulding it into whatever container you wish. It’s the best soap for doing this to that I’ve ever tried.

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Best buy a saponificio shaving soap that comes in a nice tin container and a marvelous beveled lid design. After it is finished you can fill it with whatever cream/soap you like.
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These are almost perfect – there's about a millimeter or two of space left around the edges of the soap puck.
Obviously can be pricey on their own, but if ever ordering something else from Maggard…

Other possible options for loading SV (sorry, obviously not bowl options, but thought I'd add them anyway):
• Hold the puck in one hand while loading with the brush in the other.
• Rub the puck on your skin, shave stick style.
• Cut or scrape some soap into a separate lather bowl. SV is a hard soap, but this is still fairly easy to do.

Doti B

With Valentine’s Day coming might see if I can get the missus to splash out on one otherwise being a bit of a tight wad use the soap like a stick for a while and see how that goes