Snapping DE in to two

Northam Saint

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Having just bought a Leaf, I’ve been breaking a DE in to two. But I keep getting them curling up where the break is, obviously I’m bending metal. Is there a better way of splitting them though. I‘m far too fussy and don’t like the way they sit with a bent up edge. At the moment I’ve been putting them in so the break is facing down.

The better cure is to buy them pre split so I ordered 200 from Blades Club. Strange thing there though, DE blades were £ but SE $’s. I take it they are U.K. supplied as they state that on the main page.

Northam Saint

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I used a half DE razor all last week and didn't have an issue with the half blade being curled. Lining the blade up was more of the issue in that razor!
Could well be that I’m being too slow when bending it, or I’m just too fussy. Wouldn’t mind knowing how the manufacture does it.


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Not had a problem with the Leaf's junior, the Twig, and, as @culcreuch says, I need the bends in my Focus razor.
Blades can be cut easily with a stout pair of scissors, but get it slightly wrong, and you're liable to crimp the edges anyway. Cut a lot, and the scissors probably won't last, or be much use for anything else.
I should think that clamping or supporting both halves of the blade in some way before breaking might work.
It might also be possible to hammer the split blades flat whilst they are still wrapped.
Anything seems rather an unnecessary effort, and I wouldn't worry about it.