Show us your Wallets!


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Earlier using Secrid and it was totally ok (still using for another currency). Grip introduced this in kickstarter, backed up two (one for son) waited a year and now happy user.
If you like this kind of card popping wallet's and want to spend I can recommend to try. Available also without loop.
I like this loop but when you get it you need to rearrange your using habits. That means how I put it in my pocket/table etc.
I put it on my left pocket and loop up (instead of secrid right pocket) so
catching with my left hand, forefinger goes to loop and flip. That way my right hand can push buttons, write etc.
If I take it with right hand I must change worthlessly hands when want to operate with paying.
I am right handed but can also write with left too (not as pretty of course because right dominates but I like to practise with left too, for example shaving with straights by both hands)
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