Show me your hats.


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Here are a few of my favourites, I'm particularly fond of the American maker Baileys, these are my three Newsboy hats, this is a style I feel comfortable wearing and like how it looks and wears, my summer hat is a Jaxon & James Raffia Straw Diamond Crown Pork Pie Hat - Natural, and finally my Barbour wax Newsboy hat.


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I wish I could don a proper hat, but look silly in most of them... Do have a flatcap from Bailey that works, though, especially when complementing cord trousers and a waxed jacket (or is that only based on this stereotype idea I have?).


Same here, I look like I have just come out of the Shtetl if I wear anything on my head. I have always fancied a Panama, especially as I am losing my hair, although not bald I tell my wife its a solar panel for a sex machine. Maybe one day i'll go to a proper hat shop such as bates, and see if it is at all possible for me to wear a hat without looking stupid.


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Always liked hats and have a few hanging around. Unfortunately, the cars today preclude me at my height from easily wearing one while driving unless it is a ball cap, toque or flat cap.