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Northam Saint

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Ok, here goes to see what interest we have, and from my other thread.

If we have enough interest I will run a group buy for an “Against the grain“ shave towel, going for the same logo as at the top of the page. I’m thinking of using these people, as per Rowlers.

Price does depend of quantity and it’s approx £6 for a logo printed towel, if we buy 25. I’m only thinking about one colour and going for red with a white logo. One colour will be far easier for me. Postage would be £3, and I will supply the packing, and a suggest £1 as a small donation to the forum. U.K. only as posting to abroad at the moment would appear to be a mine field.

Northam Saint

Forum GOD!
Too bad UK only (but understandable), otherwise I would be interested.
On second thoughts I could open it to overseas. But, obviously the postage would be more.

I am a bit of a worry guts over sending anything and I am not happy until people have their item. This was especially true of the shaving bowls. Obviously dealing with me it would be sent as a gift and these I’d imagine would slip under local tax radar due to value.

So go on then I will say I will open it up.

What I will do will be to take the up front for the towel for overseas, I will post and you can send the balance when I have the exact amount of Postage.
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