Shampoo bars, which one is the best?


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I've only used Tea Tree bars and have done so for the best part of a year. Love the scent and chose for skin care properties, as well as it being essential oil. I try to avoid FO in soaps as much as possible.
Only a few strokes over the hair are required and a creamy lather is produced. Scent as said is pleasurable and not overly strong. Fades after rinsing.
I have a greasy skin/hair and works a treat.
Can't imagine using anything else now.
Thanks for that,Optometrist :okay: but what is FO?
I would say and please keep it clean :). Yep that was bad


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Mine have arrived and like the shaving soap smell great. I'm saving one to cut up for my holidays, no point taking a full square for only 7 days and less weight and packaging is my main reason for buying so I have to decide between the Sharp Dressed Man (GIT) or the Barbershop. I really enjoy the Barbershop scent from Stirling, classic and yet current.


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I've read that the difference between soap and shampoo, is that soap generally has more oils in it to help moisturise skin.


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I’ve been using Heyland & White bars (picked up for about 3 quid in TKMaxx) for several months now. Excellent product


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Stirling are fine for the body Lee, like @Burgundy I have quit the bars and moved back to liquid shampoo, Aussie miracle to be precise. I prefer Mystic Waters shampoo bars over the rest. Not a fan of funky soaps, found them to be quite drying. Stirling were decent but nothing to write home about, main pull was the fragrance. The Afghan black soap I also found to be quite drying. The price of shampoo bars also seems to have risen (I could be wrong) with their popularity.

For the Gent with itchy dry red spots on the scalp, personally I would continue with the Docs recommendation (oilatum) but also (even a phone appointment) mention the issues your still facing. One to test out not rely upon, Vatika coconut oil. Leave in hair overnight or initially for an hour then wash out.