Pass Around Seygus Zeppelin


It's... alive!
Apologies, gents, it turns out I forgot it by the door before I left the house yesterday.
It is, however, in the backpack now, ready to be taken with me and posted.


Forum GOD!
Hi guys.

Just wanted post my thanks regarding the Zeppelin.

I really enjoyed shaving with it this week and intend to do three more shaves before returning it to Lee @Rowlers. As soon as it arrived from @slapo I shaved with it right away.

It’s a really heavy razor, surprisingly given its squat stature. I’m getting to really like small nimble handles and the weight combined with the nimble handle makes the Zepplin a lovely easy shaver.

When I first shaved with it I didn’t realise it had side plates which were different; one being 0.5 and one being 0.7 opening. I just got going straight away and threw it around my face. I ended up with a great shave, although my missus said at the end of the day that my stubble was a bit longer than normal implying the razor may be too mild for me doing two passes which is my preference.

The only other razors used in the week period, were the Ti2 which is my absolute favourite razor and the raw shaving 10. I find the Zepplin to be the mildest of the three. Ever so slightly too mild for me. The Ti2 is perfect. And I find the RS 10 just ever so slightly too aggressive to be a daily shaver.

I thought I would post some pictures of today’s shave. I used some form favourites which I love in honour of the pass around:

My Shavemac which was recommended by at @p.b

The fabulous Mint mint by Soapy Science @Boonie21 .

The Zeppelin @Rowlers and a Gillette 7 o’clock.

I finished off with some of Barts balms mint aftershave balm. A fantastic weekend shave.