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We know what celebrity scents are, just promotional marketing and stars cashing in on their celebrity status. Some are "eh" while most are just plain generic and dreadful. But, every once in a while a couple come around that actually have some quality to them. I only have about 3 or 4 in my collection but, the best and personal favorite is this offering from Hip-Hop artist Jay Z. Jay Z Gold is an aromatic Fougere that is very well blended and is more distinct in the sea of celebrity offerings. A real good all year wear fragrance that has garnered me some surprising compliments. Put a Dior or Chanel label on it and people would be going ga-ga over this juice. Performance ain't to shabby either with a low price to match....


Forum GOD!
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Rotating between my clubbing/bar fragrances. Shows how much I miss a pint with the lads. Today was the return of the Prince. Issey Miyake. Missed this one.
Tomorrow I'll be reintroducing my nostrils to CK1. Happy days.