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Love this stuff. Highly underrated if you ask me. Has a bit of the Creed GIT vibe to it, just slightly sweeter & synthetic. But, still a wonderful scent and great for the brisk spring days.... :okay:
Thank you & certainly does Gus, I like it that much I got the t-shirt! :D

Dr Watson


1999 "vintage" bottle... I ended up with a bundle, one 99 bottle and one 02, they smell the same so the bad reformulation must of happened around the time of IRFA meddling which was 2013 IIRC.

Nothing exudes that used car salesman vibe like Drakkar :laugh:
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Forum GOD!
Think this is next on my acquisition list. All reviews rave about it but for me it would be a blind buy. I am a fan of the original, sure it's dated but I think I will always have it to hand.
Without question the OG is Legendary. I think I still have a vintage bottle from the late 90’s in the 200ml size somewhere. Yes, slightly dated but so good and so many great memories. Profumo & Essenza are my favorites from the ADG line. Haven’t sampled Profondo yet but, it’s getting decent reviews. We’ll see.....

Edit: Profumo has a more mature vibe while still retaining some of the OG’s DNA. Incense and Patchouli give it an extra push of masculinity. One wouldn’t have a single issue making it an all year round wear & signature scent.
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