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Dr Watson

The Other James
Agreed - it's a nice fragrance. The opening is great, so it's a shame that aspect doesn't last longer. Dries down fairly quickly into the 'Encre Noire' type, almost damp, vetiver-woody base which persists well.
Not one for me but can see a fair few liking it.
Potent too... I've been getting 12+ hours longevity.

I can't make my mind up on it, I'll like it one minute and then get a whiff a few hours later and really dislike it. I'd advise anyone sensitive to iso e to stay well away as this stuff is packed full of it :laugh:


Forum GOD!
Guerlain & Habit Rouge Dry - Jean-Paul Guerlain once (1965) came to his uncle Jacques and told him:
"I created first men´s oriental fragrance"
Jacques after first sniff: "Stupid you, you used vanilla in mens scent? Vanilla is for women only!"
He was so disappointed that he quickly realised this version.

Habit Rouge Dry.jpg