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Quite a few people about the place seem to have a great interest in fragrances. With this in mind, it might be nice to discuss our Scent of the Day which might facilitate frag specific questions and related discussions.

So, to get the show on the road -

Just showered with Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo shower gel and then applied some of the EDT. Citrus-fresh and spicy, big projection... the shower gel alone will give you a few hours longevity. This has to be one for @DevonStan - if it doesn't last on his skin nothing will.


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Today's fragrance is: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT.
Given the high humidity and heat, wearing something light and refreshing today, with long lasting power to avoid 'sweating it out'. Non intrusive yet apparent. Beautifully balanced with citrus, green clean vetiver and powder rose base.


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Awesome discussion thread idea @jb7

I'm out for diner with the family tonight & I'll be wearing Virgin Island Water, which is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish & perfect in this heat!

To go with it, I will be enjoying a few alcoholic equivalents in the form of fresh coconut mojitos!


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Oh damn. I thought I was safe. I'd been spending less time on TSR and had saved a fortune.

But then came here.

Even in the handful of mentions above I can see (now) familiar products. Some I have, some not.

The owners of Creed Aventus and TF Grey Vetiver are clearly earning too much money to be able to afford those items :)

The Malizia is more my ideal price bracket - but sadly it lasts only milliseconds on me. (I'm not sure what Redd means by the "odd catch" but I'm sure I haven't had one myself...or at least not for the past thirty years or so, but I suppose we live in hope).

I'll take notice of jb7 and order a 50ml bottle from Amazon for £12.50 or thereabouts.

Incidentally the Kouros bottle was out this afternoon...but first thing today the Aqva Bvlgari was getting wafted round the place...and VERY nice it was too. I think my life long love of Kouros is finally abating. The new stuff I've been introduced to in the past year or so is superseding it, I fear.


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TOBS No.74 Victorian Lime. Oh so refreshing in this heat and lasts quite well on me. Blue Stratos EdT always works well throughout the summer and you just cannot go wrong with it. Tomorrow may be James Bronnley Original EdT or TOBS St James - both good in warm weather although the Bronnley is to my nose at least, the finer scent. The more expensive ones there are pretty much the limit of my pocket but I salute those who work hard and earn well to afford Creed and the like. If you can afford it and like it then ruddy well go for it 'cos life's too short!