Saturday 21 March - Friday 27 March 2020


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Thur 26th March

Stirling Syn.26mm
P & B Pall Mall
PAL S/S Adjustable Inj.
Schick S/S-Japan [ 9 ]
Floid Vigoroso A/S Lotion

Today a Shave with one of my favourite, the futuristic PAL Adjustable. It is a Razor that work for some but not everybody, but for me it is good. Quite surprised at the quality of the finish today, as the blade is a bit long in the tooth.
Hope everybody is bearing up during this rather challenging time. Makes one appreciate the Social worth of those in the front line, who are all working hard to keep things going, though getting round in London seems to be a problem which needs resolving.



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Cream: mix of 4 Proraso creams..I could’t decide which Proraso to use. It was actually really nice. I think the blue scent dominated.
Razor: Rockwell 6s @5
Blade: Astra sp
Brush: Muhle synthetic
After shave: Proraso Sandalwood
Really enjoyable shave :)
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Thank you. Yeah not been on here much. I've lost interest in shaving as a hobby, if you get what I mean. I'm still shaving though. It will be a while until I run out of shaving supplies. Wish I could say the same about toilet paper. :eek:
There would be very nice if we could fight this virus with shaving supplies. Here in ATG at least, we would have been winners before the game had even started.

Happy many returns, king of safety.


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The challenge is for charity, my brother pays £250 to charity if I complete it, he chose the blade and the razor, I really dont like either and he knew that. If I fail then I pay up.

To make it worse, I had 10 blades to last a month and by shave 3 it feels like I am shaving with a wood saw. I have 3 new blades left to get me to April 7th and I have to shave each day.
I see! Well done for persevering then.

Paul L

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My Birthday SOTD

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It's been awhile since I posted a SOTD. Thought I'd pamper myself today.

I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe and more importantly staying at home.

To all those having to go to work from those brave souls in the NHS to the folk working in the supermarkets we salute you. Thank you. ❤

Many happy returns, Rob