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I am a big fan of the Rex
It is easily my favourite adjustable above the Futur, the slim and the fatboy
Yep, beats them all hands down for me. I'd add the Vision (narrowly in performance, but massively with regard to construction and design), Progress / Mergress / Digress.
Everything about it aesthetically is just that bit more pleasant than the rest in my eyes. Before it, the Fatboy was the ultimate in what a razor could be for me. Utilitarian looking, it looked like it could survive a an air raid and was built like a brick shithouse.
The stainless nature just makes it feel and look a cut above.


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I need measurements (anybody?) ... the diameter of the knobby at the end of the handle and overall handle length and diameter. Much appreciated if you can help. :thumbsup:
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Shimmed mine this morning. I tried multiple shims but as shims will mostly be made from blades with the edges cut off they tend to be slightly out of shape. I started with two but the shaving blade was bent out of shape so I had to remove one and try just one.
One caused no problem and I turned the Rex up to 3....Yeah 3. No messing here, even Chuck Norris wouldn't use a Rex on 3 and he normally shaves whilst wrestling a Rattlesnake for fun.
I can report it was a wonderful BBS, the razor felt a lot less "bitey" and frankly dangerous. I honestly cannot keep my hands off my face (alcohol gel used lol.)
I personally think it is the best shave I have ever had from the Rex and confirms to me the blade exposure is wrong, which I have known for a good while, this Rex is my 2nd.
Thanks for the tip. I will make a shim from a new blade, something rubbish like a Personna and keep it just for the Rex. Great tip.
If you haven't tried a shim yet and find the Rex a little dodgy, shove one in, makes all the difference.
Wow, what a great tip! Purchased my Rex Ambassador for 6-7 months ago. Nearly every shave has ended up rough and uncomfortable. This tip did the work. Tried shimming for the first time today. Finally I experienced a great close and very comfortable shave. I decided to use a Personna blade as a shim as they do no good for me in any razor. I used one shim between the top cap and the blade. Thanx a lot. Really happy now.


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I bought a Rex Ambassador a few months back - I wanted to wait for the O4 release as thats the same date code as my birth year Gillette's.
Beautiful razor, great weight, superb knurling and the fit and finish is spot on.
I've used the razor a few times now with different blades and while it has been ok, its never felt as good as when I tried @wooky114 M plate Rex Ambassador which was one of the originals. I know the later versions had a few tweaks/improvements(?!). I read all the comments about drag and the Rex pulling up the skin on the face and I know exactly what those guys are talking about. No matter what soap I use, the residual slickness seems to virtually disappear when I use the Rex.
Now onto the levels of aggression...

The M plate razor I used was great. You dialled it to 1 and it felt mild. You dialled it to 3 and you started to get a bit of blade feel. You dialled it to 5 or 6 and you could feel the blade, although still smooth feeling and totally useable.
This latest version feels like a starving grizzly bear in a fish finger factory. Every setting feels aggressive and sometimes you shave with a fresh pair of boxers at the ready beside the styptic pencil.

I was going to polish the head, as some had suggested this fixes the drag issue...while others have said it still has the drag feeling.
So I decided the easiest and quickest fix was to try the shims in the razor. Two Astra greens with the edges cut off went onto the top cap first, pushed down onto the cap then a 2nd use Perma Sharp on top of them, screwed it all together ready to go.
I always assumed a shim made a razor more aggressive so was a bit apprehensive.
24 hours growth. I used Kaizen from A&E, the slickest soap I own, dialled the Rex to 3 and off I go...

First few strokes feel ok, wow, this does feel smoother, milder and really comfortable. The thing that was really noticeable for me was the audible feedback, really loud. 1st pass WTG felt great.
2nd pass XTG I dialled it up to 4. Life on the edge! Amazing, it seems to feel even smoother. I can feel the blade a bit more and it's starting to feel like an adjustable razor should.
3rd pass ATG dialled it down to 2.5 and it was really comfortable, AND...the drag issue seems to have dissapeared, either that or I'm enjoying the shave so much, I've not noticed it!
Pickups on setting 1 and again i could feel the difference between this and 2.5, brilliant.

I'm not sure what is wrong with the Rex on its own, i can only assume theres an issue with the width of the top cap maybe needing to be tweaked so it bends the blade a bit more.
Whatever, I'm delighted this cheap fix has transformed the Rex for me. Should I have to do that to an expesive razor like that? Probably not, but its fixed it for me and I can now enjoy using it as an adjustable razor as is its intended purpose. Thanks to those who suggested the shimming option.
I'll report back when I try it again.
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I tried shimming my N1 Ambassador this evening.

I never usually shim a razor as I’ve never had particularly good results when doing so and , unfortunately, this was no exception.

I tried the it fully open, fully closed and at setting three. On each occasion the shave felt much harsher and pretty uncomfortable.

This is not an experience I want to repeat and I will definitely not be shimming this razor again.

I guess it just goes to show how much YMMV still applies to modern razors as much as it does to vintage DE’s.


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This is very interesting to me. I’ve been enjoying shim shaves very much lately. I find that most razors in which I use the shim become much smoother. Btw, results have been so remarkable, I’m urging shavers to join me in a Brotherhood of Shim Shavers. Be BOSS!

Most shimming has been with vintage razors, however I did find great results in an iKon B1OSS. A member over on TSN has theorized that shims increase the mass of the blade which more closely resembles the older blades the old razors were designed to use. Another member theorized that shims increase blade gap. I have no way of measuring either factor.

One razor I was thinking of trying with a shim is my SA180. Will get to that this week coming up and will report back to the group on my result.


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@Wayne, @Kevy and @Sausage - are the razors you’ve shimmed all O versions?

I’m asking as the version I have is an N1 and shimming made things worse for me. I understand that there have been some small changes between the N1 and O series (such as a stronger spring etc) and wonder whether these changes might account for the difference?