Reuzel Creme a Raser - mmmm - jury is out


Brobdingnagian member
So I got this tin from member here recently. ( You know who you are :D ).

Fortunately I gave this some research before using it and found that it is classified ( not over overtly ) as a non lathering soap / cream. This led me to some youtube stuff and then a shave. Good job I looked as there is no way you will get this to lather. Seemed weird applying a layer of this to the face and then going straight to it with a razor. Hit it first pass with Model T on 5. Good and efficient first pass I must say but I still missed the lather and it felt wrong. As if something was missing. Persevere. 2nd pass, down to level 3 and another layer of Reuzel. Very nice. 3rd pass and a tidy up and I was beginning to wonder how far this tin would go.

Bottom line - this stuff does not smell great but is ok. You apply by hand or with brush ( no point ) then shave with no lathering. Weird. The end result was actually a very nice smooth finish but what did get me was the healing properties of this that I had read about. Coincidentally on the first pass I copped one of those rare bleeders that go far outside the definition of weeper. This was a full down the chin and dribble on the chest job. (How tf did that happen? ) Alum no good here so a lump of soggy stiptic went on. Strangely though, second pass obviously took that layer off and no bleeding from thereon. Nothing. The instructions and ingredients on the tin are SO small I needed an eye glass to read them but it has witch hazel, nettle and some potassium compound in there so maybe this is the healing stuff.

An experience to behold. This is not expensive stuff at first glance but when you see how much I used for one shave ( pic not good ) then it may well be that it is not as economical as first thought.

Posting to share experience as I had never heard of it and hope it is of interest.


Grumpy old man
Same experience with it as far as raising a lather is concerned and went no further with it. I returned it to the barber shop I bought it from. I don't want a shave soap I can't lather with a brush. It is too foreign a concept for me to accept.

I can see where it would be good when travelling when you want to go minimalist and as light as possible.