For Sale RazoRock Wunderbar (2017 version, Halo handle)

Discussion in 'Buy - Sale - Trade' started by N_Architect, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I've decided to part with my Wunderbar. No need to keep many razors in the collection, plus I have a 37C as well as an ATT S1 so these should suffice. The razor here is the updated 2017 version with the Halo handle; reportedly it is a very smooth shaver.

    I received this recently through a trade with a well esteemed member here, and I have not used it at all. It comes in excellent condition and has been polished to a mirror finish. No box unfortunately but will be wrapped well as usual.

    Total Weight: ~3.6 oz
    Handle Weight: ~2.4 oz
    Head Weight: ~1.2 oz
    Handle Length: 90 mm
    Head Material: 316L Stainless Steel Billet
    Handle Material: 316L Stainless Steel with removal end
    Build: CNC Machined

    I am adding to this a 99% full recently purchased Proraso Single Blade "Azur Lime" Cologne (100ml glass bottle).
    Last three pictures courtesy of the previous owner.

    Asking £100 shipped, Paypal.
    Thank you for reading and thanks ATG.

    wund_Proraso.JPG Wund1.jpg Wund3.jpg Wund4.jpg
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  2. N_Architect

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    Will add an Italian soap "Beard Club" tub (pictured new when acquired few weeks back but actually has been scooped/used once).
    Scent is almond.


    If the above is purchased together with the other set I am selling in the BST (Dovo stainless steel stand and Dovo solid aluminium Silvertip), the combined price is £140 shipped, PayPal, for the two sets. Worldwide tracked delivery included.

    £140 delivered, PayPal, will therefore get you:
    - RR Wunderbar slant 2017;
    - Dovo stainless stand;
    - Dovo Silvertip;
    - Proraso Pro Cologne;
    - Beard Club soap.
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  3. Great deal for a great razor and extras!!!
    GLWTS K!:thumbsup:
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