Rapira Platinum Lux

For tonight’s shave I used a Rapira Platinum Lux blade on its 4th use. Now these aren’t the sharpest blades I have but I do enjoy their reliability and smoothness. I ended up with a BBS result after a little bit of buffing. The only other Rapira I have tried is the Swedish Super Steel and I find the Lux to be the better of the two. This blade I will use maybe for one or two more shaves, then I’ll change to a different brand in my stash. Who else here in the forum likes the Platinum Lux? What are your thoughts on them?


Yeah, another yes from me. I get on with most DE blades though. Rapira could be the brand with the biggest range of blade models I actively like though.
If you like Lux maybe have a look into Ladas, for me an even keener Rapira blade.


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I can’t use them to save my life. Maybe the two blades I tried were duds. I haven’t tried any others since. I stick to Polsilver Stainless, Astra SP, Wizamet, Nacets and Permasharps.