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If you want something to pick your (only one) kid up from school, and let all the other parents in their Porsches, BMW's and whatnot look like beggars, you get yourself this:



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I've had a similar number of recalls for my 2012 A6. I do believe they are conscientious since failing to do so would put the responsibility for repairs on the customer. And that was always Audi's problem throughout the decades. But if you actually look at the recalls they have all been fairly minor things which were all easily dealt with when I took the car in for regular service. All except one. I don't remember what the recall was for but I was driving on 495 coming out of Manhattan and all of a sudden the warning lights came on and said I needed to contact Audi service immediately and not to drive the car. I did that, Audi paid for the flatbed to the dealership and the repair work was done on Audi's dime. I will say that I have not had to pay for anything for this car other than normal maintenance and upkeep. Filters, oil changes, tires, brakes. I now have almost 93,000 miles on it I'm hoping to get another 100,000 to 150,000 miles on it.
I’ll check the recalls I’ve had, but in the last recall notice Audi advised against parking the car indoors due to the risk of fire. Not too comforting. I’ve had the recall work done, after waiting 4 months due to lack of parts, and I’ve received a 4 year extended warranty on the parts.
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