Polishing a Timeless scalloped top cap


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If the scratches are not too bad, why not try a general purpose metal polish and give it a go yourself. Products such as Peek or Autosol should work on titanium - I assume you are not looking for a high reflective shine. There a site called The Polishing shop that has a lot of detail on products suitable for different metals so it might be worth a look on there.


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I’ve been incrementally polishing my Timeless Titanium. I’ve done it completely by hand, using steel wool (starting at #0 and progressing to #0000) and Maas polish. Over the past several months, I’ve probably done 4–5 polishing sessions of 30–45 minutes each. My goal was never to take it to a mirror shine, though I may end up aiming for that eventually. Here’s a photo of what I started with, and a fairly recent progress shot.