Pass around: Shavemac Synthetic brush


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very interesting, it could be my next brush,
I look forward to your comments, guys.
Thanks for the video, Nishy.


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Interesting. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the brush, gentlemen.
It would be nice to participate, but being across the pond makes it a tad difficult. :)


I'm interested, but we're going to be away most of April, and being in Finland think that won't jive with the EU part of the tour.

One thing I'd like to know with the fibre is how it compares to APShaveCo's amazing offerings, the SynBad and SilkSmoke in particular. If it can best them, I'm really interested.


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If you are happy to pay for postage (receive and deliver) or can come to an agreement with the party before you, then it may be best to test it in person


Thanks for the offer Nishy. If it's ok I'll check back in after we get back from holiday.
Shipping and customs might be a factor then too.