Pass Around Pass a round soaps


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Could be a nice idea, particularly as 2nd class post is pretty economical for packages which are weighty rather than bulky. We just need to make it gets loaded up with interesting items rather than a dozen Palmolive sticks. It could also be a good opportunity for soap makers to get their products circulated around a wider audience.


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If we were going to do it, I'd like to see the soap almost sliced up into pieces beforehand. I'm not sure I'd quite be comfortable with using a puck of soap 50 people had lathered up before me.

Just my thoughts, I might be alone on this one.


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There could be a rule that a sample is removed from the tub to try the soap instead of everyone just lathering the same puck?

A passaround of soaps would give people a chance to try ones they hadn't.

An idea I've seen before is that a box is loaded with items and sent, any items removed are then replaced with items. It's sort of like a rolling pif that constantly evolves. You could limit it to software?


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Might be a good idea now that shavedash's prices have rocketed... Scoop a sample, put something in and pass on...
Agree with the cheap, easily available soaps (Arko etc..), pointless including them when they are so readily available...


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there was one on tsr but some muppet passed it to his mate not from the site and the thing disappeared. it was a great idea though


Shameless bump, but this would be good, even for one shave as im currently looking at about 100 different soaps haha.

Currently using proraso but have ordered fitjar fjeillheim which looks an awesome soap to use.